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Bronze Animal Sculptures

Whether it’s capturing the motion of a running wolf or the almost human-like expression of a lazy rabbit waking from a nap, my work has evolved to a whole new level through sculpture.

Mark Dziewior

I’ve always felt a strong connection to animals. It’s that intrigue that drives my creativity. Growing up in rural Wisconsin, I’ve been able to observe and study wildlife my whole life. Each sculpture has a personal story connected to my unique experiences with each creature ranging from simple observation to direct interaction. 

As a child I read stories of animals that had human characteristics. Stories like Peter Rabbit, The Wind in the Willow and many Thornton Burgess’ Mother Westwing books. Not only do I observe animals, but people as well. If you look closely at my work, there is a small element of human emotion/expression in each piece. 

MFA, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

MA, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

BFA, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

AA, Madison College


When creating my animal sculptures, I start with a clay model. From that original, a rubber mold is made. Through the lost wax process, the bronze is cast. I weld, grind and add patina chemicals to finish each sculpture. 


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